We are the SMART in MOBILITY: efficient, secure and economic

With the traffic development for tomorrow, save lives today, prevent traffic accidents, CO2 emissions & costs reduction

This is where SMEV AG comes in with our range of products and services:
Tailored solutions, patented technology, flexible adaptation options and the basic principle of integrating all road users create the traffic model of the future.

Clean, safe, fast, for the benefit and protection of all people - that is our mission.

SMEV MOTION - the green CloudTM

guarantees emergency vehicles the fastest possible route to the scene

The increasing volume of traffic makes it impossible for emergency services to fulfill their legal mandate within the required period of help. By using the patented and digital SMEV-MOTION-TECHNOLOGY with its new control algorithms, the traffic control center is authorized to accelerate the deployment of all emergency services by up to 50% through networked traffic lights. At the same time, private traffic receives information on the formation of emergency lanes or on leaving the route. This saves human lives, saves costs, protects the environment, increases usability and guarantees internal security.

A green wave does not accelerate, it is only as fast as its slowest participant.

The green cloud frees the traffic organization from an outdated, fixed maneuver. For security forces, there is an intuitive, exclusive freedom of movement.


minimising accidents

reducing costs

rescue valley

legal certainty

SMEV AUTHORITY – for the public sector

Sovereign route exemption through traffic control center and traffic light switching.

The route, which is forecast in real time, is transferred to the traffic control center, where it is converted into free assignment corridors for every action by the driver by means of dynamic traffic lights. The existing traffic is derived in a controlled manner and incoming traffic is prevented.


Emergency vehicles approach the scene safely and accident-free.

Target group of SMEV AUTHORITY

Rescue services



System provider

Traffic planner

SMEV INDIVIDUAL – for all road users

First-hand information on the foresighted organization of emergency lanes or controlled and collision-free routing – simply with the existing navigation system or cell phone. Everyone benefits: the emergency services, the traffic managers, the road users, the environment – and of course all citizens.

Target group of SMEV INDIVIDUAL


Automotive industry

Service provider

Motorway companies

Public transport

Advantages & Benefits

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reduction of travel times
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reduction of accident costs
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less CO2 emissions in your city
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reduction of costs for insurance companies

Additional benefits

Protection of civil infrastructure

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