SMEV AG becomes the first partner of the 5G multifunctional campus of Deutsche Messe

Testing and further developing of smart mobility under real conditions is now possible in Hanover

Auf dem größten Messegelände der Welt entsteht in Hannover der perfekte Ort, um innovative Mobilitätskonzepte der Zukunft bereits heute unter Echtbedingungen zu testen. Das ist für den Standort Deutschland mit automobiler Historie ein maßgeblicher Beitrag für die Entwicklung und Zukunftstechnologie smarter Mobilität.

Die Vergangenheit hat gezeigt, dass Verkehrsmodelle der Zukunft Mut brauchen, denn sie bringen einen Eingriff in die Mobilität mit sich, der alle betrifft. Niedersachsen und die Deutsche Messe AG zeigen mit der Erweiterung der Teststrecke um 1,5 Millionen Quadratmeter Messegelände den Willen, diesen Weg zu gehen. Für die SMEV AG bedeutet die Partnerschaft mit der Deutschen Messe in der gesamtunternehmerischen Entwicklung einen Meilenstein: SMEV 2.0 – das innerstädtische Verkehrsbild mit sich zukünftig autonom bewegenden Fahrzeugen.

Pressekonferenz SMEV AG 5G Multifunktions-Campus
Left to right: Stefan Muhle (State Secretary of Lower Saxony for Digitalization), Christian Rotthaus (CEO of SMEV AG), Dr. Jochen Köckler (CEO of Deutschen Messe AG)

As a member of the Smart Transportation Alliance in Brussels, SMEV AG looked around Europe early on for suitable partners and locations in order to further develop test scenarios under real conditions and to be able to achieve series production.

With the 5G Smart Venue, SMEV AG has now found a place to further develop its own technologies and to test them in the 1.5 million square meter real laboratory and prepare them for real use. The goal? Using the most modern (research) possibilities to develop an even more efficient and safer mobility concept of the future.

That an autonomous vehicle knows exactly what it has to do when an emergency vehicle with right of way approaches, needs to be ensured. The safest signal that an autonomous vehicle empowers to make its contribution to clearing the operational corridor, is a digital one. And that is also part of the patent portfolio of SMEV AG.

The operating principle of SMEV’s technology is to better organize the inner-city traffic image with its complex and sometimes adverse traffic situations. This technology is already clearing the way for police, fire brigade and rescue vehicles using digitized processes. The pilot phase in Frankfurt Oder will go into real operation in 2021: shortening the operating times, reducing accidents to zero and increasing cost efficiency by 50%.

“We are more than happy that our path led us to Hanover. We have come here not only to use the opportunities that arise, but also to make our contribution and help shape the traffic scenario of tomorrow already today”, Christian Rotthaus, CEO of SMEV AG

Innovation in mobility needs courage and lots of individual ideas that can be condensed and developed together. It cannot be done alone, there are many factors that have to harmonize with one another. Deutsche Messe has created a place where this is possible.

Making your technologies tangible and thus promoting social compatibility is an important goal of SMEV AG. To be able to experience future traffic situations virtually and to be considered and involved in the innovation process is not only of elementary importance for start-ups or global players, but also for politics and ultimately every citizen. Smart mobility effects everyone.

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Christian Rotthaus - CEO